So who is this Jeff Hicks guy?

I’ve been around for 50+ years with eyes open wide.

My experience as a seeker and learner, father, entrepreneur, computer and systems geek, friend and lover has been colored with sorrow and with great joy. I have learned because I am willing to make more mistakes and keep on flowing toward my vision of what is possible.

Sparks to Fire is evidence that I am willing to put it all out there, warts and all, and see what value I can provide for you.

May you real-eyes your many blessings so that you, too, can live your sparks and your fire, within and without,

Jeff Hicks

Sparks to Fire



Contact Jeff:

Email: jeff -at- SparksToFire.com

Phone: 303.317.6390

Snail mail:    1550 Larimer St Suite 188    Denver, CO    80202