Awakening with Numbers – Michael Brill

Michael Brill: a number disguised as a human.

Ever wonder about this numerology stuff? Where does it come from? How does it fit in with the rest of what you know?

Michael Brill’s been living with numbers for a lot of years

Michael even does a quick reading of my name and birth date during the interview He say’s the numbers indicate I am a perfectionist and that I do things by the book…  my book. Hmmmm….

Here’s a fascinating interview with numerologist Michael Brill

Special Offer:

Send an email to Michael at, tell him you saw the interview on Sparks to Fire and he will send you a free article with an exercise to integrate your ego, soul and essence. Do it NOW!

The Number/Letter Chart




Michael Brill’s Web site Awakener

Michael Brill’s Books


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