Can You Breathe? Then You Can Change!

Transformational Breathwork is a powerful way to make change in your life. It works without belief or dogma. All it requires is you breathe in and out and most everyone can do that!

Mary Kennedy is a transformational breath worker and coach. She’s been guiding folks through this approach for 18 years. She has come to understand that how we breathe is a reflection of how we are living our lives.

Are you breathing deep and from your core? Are you taking little sips of breath? Short frantic breaths?

Why do we say to pause and take a deep breath before we act? Because our breath not only reflects, but it also changes our state of being. Notice how you are breathing RIGHT NOW!

Listen to this insightful Sparks to Fire interview about transformational breathwork with Mary Kennedy.

Mary Kennedy does breath work and energy work. She works with animals too! Check out Mary Kennedy’s web site at http://inthepresenceofanimals.comĀ 

You can notice your breath and stress less.


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