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Shanti Toll has been organizing the Celebration Metaphysical Fairs in Denver and Colorado Springs since 1978. The Transcendence Fair (October 5,6,7,8, 2012) in Colorado Springs is the 100th Fair.

What does it take to make this kind of impact? Shanti shares some of the guiding principles that everyone presenting at the Fairs must agree to.

What three questions is Shanti using to be present? He shares them in this interview.

What special plans does Shanti Toll have for Monday October 5, 2012 ? How can you be a part of this worldwide action? Listen to this Sparks to Fire interview and visit the links below.

I am excited to share Shanti’s story and his insights into the gathering of people that has gone by various names over the years but is asking the same powerful questions.

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