It Takes Mind, Energy & Body

Carolyn Eberle wanted to heal herself. She tried traditional mind techniques felt there was something missing. She worked with energy and still felt there was more. Through her exploration she found that combining all three – Mind Energy Body – she made the changes that lead to healing in herself and in the people she works with.

Ever wondered just HOW horses are used in discovery? Carolyn tells us!

Ever set an intention and have a military coup break out that enabled your intention to become realized? Carolyn has.

Ever wondered about me, Jeff Hicks, and just what is behind my asking all these questions on Sparks to Fire? Well Carolyn and I share a couple stories from our time together.

Find out more about the Mind Energy Body Transformation School here:

You can read the first chapter and download a copy of Carolyn Eberle’s book Explorer’s Mind: a Map to Freedom.

Learn about energy and a whole lot more in a Fundamentals of Brennan Healing Science weekend in Carolyn’s home. You can find Carolyn’s email address and phone number on the Me-B page.

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