Making a Difference with Fredda Laurel

Want hints about how to make a difference in this world? Listen to how Fredda Laurel accepted the idea of a friend and grew the Introduction to Metaphysics Denver Meetup to be a wonderful way to learn about a wide variety of metaphysical subjects.

I think you’ll be surprised at how many members the group has.

Looking for inexpensive classes about the basics of a practice? The Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup in Denver offers two hour classes with awesome teachers, guides and experts.

Fredda Laurel is an intuitive counselor, a teacher and healer. She’s a nice, nice lady.

Fredda Laurel’s Links:

Introduction to Metaphysics Meetup

Fredda Laurel’s Facebook page

Fredda Laurel’s web page and newsletter sign up

Links to other stuff mentioned:

The Metaphysical Research Society

Joy Vernon’s Tarot Page


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