Getting Things Done with Lauren Midgley

August 16, 2012

Lauren Midgley knows ways for you to change your ways, find behaviors that serve you more fully and let you get things done. It’s not about cramming more into the day. It’s about getting the important things done and you feeling good about the steps you are taking to building the life you want to [...]

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Making a Difference with Fredda Laurel

August 9, 2012

Want hints about how to make a difference in this world? Listen to how Fredda Laurel accepted the idea of a friend and grew the Introduction to Metaphysics Denver Meetup to be a wonderful way to learn about a wide variety of metaphysical subjects. I think you’ll be surprised at how many members the group [...]

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The Sacred Feminine With Shoshana

August 7, 2012

Shoshana  is  a sacred feminine program teacher, dance instructor and nationally renowned psychic. Her web site address is In the Priestess/Priest Program she explores the sacred feminine with her students. Think you know what the sacred feminine is? I know I did not.     Intuition. Is it as simple as it seems? What [...]

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Plants Can Help You Heal – That is No Mistake

July 27, 2012

Sajah Popham knows plants. He lives with plants, he talks with plants and plants talk with him. He offers a beautiful approach to healing and understanding balance in our lives. Do you trust life? Is it a mistake that plants have such a profound effect on us? You know it is no mistake. Listen to [...]

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It Takes Mind, Energy & Body

July 19, 2012

Carolyn Eberle wanted to heal herself. She tried traditional mind techniques felt there was something missing. She worked with energy and still felt there was more. Through her exploration she found that combining all three – Mind Energy Body – she made the changes that lead to healing in herself and in the people she [...]

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Taking Action with Lisa Nicole Bell

July 4, 2012

Lisa Nicole Bell is a woman of action. The common thread through labels like producer, author and educator is her action to make impact. Do you wish you could impact your family, friends, your community? What is holding you back? Why aren’t you acting on your dreams? Lisa gives us a hint early in the [...]

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Find Balance with Alison Smith

June 8, 2012

Want to shift your physical, mental and emotional state? Want to find the B word? Alison Smith shows us practical ways to make that happen. Alison Smith is a  healthy lifestyle expert, creator of How to Develop a Home Yoga Practice and founder of EmpoweredLivingFo​ Alison’s been there. She’s been anxious and depressed, inconsistent – [...]

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Awakening with Numbers – Michael Brill

June 6, 2012

Michael Brill: a number disguised as a human. Ever wonder about this numerology stuff? Where does it come from? How does it fit in with the rest of what you know? Michael Brill’s been living with numbers for a lot of years Michael even does a quick reading of my name and birth date during [...]

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Insightful Inspirations – Conversations with Your Authentic Self

May 31, 2012

Leanne Holitza tells us about conversations we have with ourselves, ways to become aware of them and tools to start them when we may be stuck. She also gives us a jewel of insight near the end of her interview. You can find Leanne Holitza’s book Insightful Inspirations – Conversation Starters for Your Authentic Self [...]

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Taking the Woo Woo Out of Psychic Education

May 12, 2012

Men and women we study in our history have used psychic ability to achieve great things. Jonas Salk used intuition in science, Conrad Hilton used dreams in business, Harriet Tubman used visions to save people’s lives. We don’t mention these facts when we discuss their achievements. We don’t value that aspect of of their being.  [...]

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