Sacred Food – Lisa Lanyon & Ali O’Grady

What part does food play in your life? Does it fuel awesomeness, is it a part of happiness, a way of connecting? Or is it poison, a task, an addiction?

Ali O’Grady and Lisa Lanyon have studied food through history and have a fascinating workshop at the Aspen Program in Denver in September 2012.

How does food connect us with our ancestors and with the universal energy of the seasons? How do the ingredients of a recipe come together to let us feel loved?

Do you want to be more conscious? One way is to be conscious while breathing. Another way is to be conscious while eating.

Watch and listen as Lisa Lanyon and Ali O’Grady tell us some things about food that we may not have known or been aware of.

Let food be the spark that feeds your fire!

The Aspen Program

Sacred Foods of the World class at the Aspen Program September 30, 2012.


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