Taking Action with Lisa Nicole Bell

Lisa Nicole Bell is a woman of action. The common thread through labels like producer, author and educator is her action to make impact.

Do you wish you could impact your family, friends, your community? What is holding you back? Why aren’t you acting on your dreams? Lisa gives us a hint early in the interview as to what gives her the courage, the motivation and power to share messages of empowerment infused with inspiration that make a difference on the world around her and the world within her.

If you could sit in a room with a younger version of yourself, what would you say? Learn about Lisa Nicole Bell’s  Legacy Letters – the book  and stage show – at  http://fromherpen.com/ . In LA July 22nd? Go see the show!

Young women learn about beauty, leadership, success and where it comes from at http://inspiredgirlsonline.com/

Challenges let us grow and show us we can do things we may not have imagined possible. See Lisa rock the trapeze after just a couple hours of practice. Watch for her smile at the very end.

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